Antenatal Classes

Attending traditional antenatal classes is a great way to absorb information about pregnancy, labour and birth and early parenting and to meet new people from Havelock North, Hastings, Clive, Haumoana, Napier and CHB areas.

It's all about learning new skills and engaging your head and your heart as you make your journey into parenthood!

The courses are informative, informal, interactive and FUN.  Bronwyn encourages questions and open discussion.  Classes offer an excellent opportunity for you to make new friendships and where as expectant mums and dads, you'll feel supported and educated in your new role as parents!


The course options are: Weekend Plus course (17 hrs), Express course or One on One sessions.  Whichever option you go for you know the information be up to date and impartial.


Attending antenatal classes is a great way to absorb information about pregnancy, labour and birth and early parenting and to meet new people.

The Weekend Plus course covers:

  • ​Pregnancy information:  Terminology and anatomy, Optimal fetal positioning, Pelvic awareness and pelvic floor muscles, the role of your Lead Maternity Carer and the role of Support people, Birth plans.

  • Labour and birth information:  Labour hormones, Signs of labour, Stages of labour, How a birth team works together, Informed choice, Normal forms of pain relief including water, homebirth and loving, caring support.​​

  • Interventions, procedures and medical forms of pain relief:  Variations in presentation, Episiotomy, ventouse, forceps and caesarean section, Induction and augmentation, Artificial rupture of membranes, TENS, gas and epidural.

  • ​Life with a new baby:  Characteristics of a newborn, Apgar Score chart, Vitamin K, Guthrie heel prick, Circumcision, Unexpected outcomes.

  • Breastfeeding:  Breast anatomy, Skin to skin and how a baby feeds at the breast, Getting the latch right, Advantages of breastfeeding, General breastfeeding information and Where to go for help.

  • Practical parenting:  Making up a cot, Baby bathing, Layette, Infant car seat installation, Postnatal depression, Immunisation, Contraception, Safe sleep guidelines and SUDI.

The Weekend Plus antenatal package ALSO includes:

  • Free muka (flax or harakeke) umbilical cord tie

  • Free pottle of baby bum balm

  • Electronic handouts for most of the above topics and many more!

  • Infant CPR refresher session

  • Tour of our maternity unit (Ata Rangi and Waioha)

  • Visit to Havelock North Family Centre

  • Postnatal session of Infant Massage

  • Postnatal session of Infant Reflexology

  • Voucher for various local service

The cost of the Weekend Plus antenatal package is $165.

Bay Wellness Antenatal Education is provided by Bronwyn Gardner

Contact her for more information or to make a booking

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