Doula is an old Greek word meaning servant woman and refers to someone who offers support to women during their pregnancy, labour and birth and postnatally.


Katie works as a Birth Doulas and provides non-medical emotional and physical support of women during labour and birth. 


Birth Doulas can also help support partners of labouring women and provide a connection between other family members or friends who may attend birth.


Birth Doulas do not replace your Lead Maternity Carer ie your Midwife or Obstetrician, but simply help the woman achieve their desired birth plan.


Sometimes medical circumstances do arise and medical intervention may be needed however many times a Birth Doula can help prevent those interventions through natural pain relievers, coaching, positioning, massaging and more.


Many studies have proven that having another woman in the room for support has resulted in a positive birth experience.

Bay Wellness Birth Support Service is provided by Katie Ritter

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