Holistic Nutrition looks at your whole health history to help you achieve your wellness goals.


Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life are taken into consideration when formulating the best possible treatment plan that is tailored specifically for you.

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in health and wellness, physically and mentally.


Digestion and absorption of nutrients depend on internal and external influences that are different to everyone; past and present illnesses/conditions, medications, stress, toxin exposure, allergies, family history - to name a few.

Before your initial consultation with Ruth, she’ll ask you to keep a food and elimination diary for 3 days and then you’ll meet to discuss this in depth along with your health history.


From here Ruth reaches an evaluation summary using the information gathered in the consultation (discussion of body systems, nail/tongue/skin analysis, iridology, blood pressure and other physical assessments).

She will then provide you with treatment recommendations (dietary, lifestyle, supplements, referrals if applicable).  Homeobotannicals and flower essences may be prescribed to support your journey to wellbeing and are made specific to you.

Bay Wellness Holistic Nutrition is provided by Ruth Spicer

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