HypnoBirthing techniques have helped thousands around the world achieve a calm, peaceful birth. Classes teach women how to relax deeply, initiate self-hypnosis and trust their bodies, eliminating the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle that is common during birthing, and reducing or eliminating the need for medical intervention.


HypnoBirthing mothers learn how to breathe their babies down into the world, meaning that there is less risk of pelvic floor damage or hyperventilation. The birthing companion is an integral part of a HypnoBirth, and mum, baby, and the birthing companion are brought together for a joyful experience. In addition, HypnoBirthing babies are better adjusted and happier, with better eating and sleeping routines.


HypnoBirthing classes are an ideal complement to both traditional antenatal classes and birth coaching classes.

Bay Wellness Hypnobirthing is provided by Nicki Lampon
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