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Every person has their own unique set of health issues and strengths, emotions, individual traits and core values. Holistic health and naturopathy work with, and acknowledge the whole person


Your health and well being is not only shaped by your genetics, your past illness and fitness levels, but also how you process emotions, stress and how you perceive the world around you. Health and illness does not just effect the human body, they both impact and interact with the whole person, so that physical, emotional, social, spiritual, genetic and environmental factors all come into play.


This is why during your first naturopathy consult you will be guided through a comprehensive questionnaire, so that we can gather all the relevant information about all areas of your life and how this may be impacting your health and well being.


A wellness plan is then tailor made for you, to give you the tools to improve the key areas of your life, such as nutrition, lifestyle and relaxation, so that you, the client feel empowered to enhance your health and vitality.


Herbal remedies, teas, and bach flower remedies can be additionally purchased and are all tailor made for each individual and their specific health needs, to best support your healing journey.

Bay Wellness Naturopathy is provided by Jayne Craig
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