Our Practitioners

Diane Reefman - Di Reefman Positive Birth and Bodywork

Diane is a Registered Massage Therapist with MNZ and has been working professionally in this field since 1988 in the US, UK, and NZ specialising in Pre and Post Natal Massage and Cranio-Sacral Therapy for the treatment of babies and children. Her unique integrative system of bodywork for healing and wellbeing uses remedial and sports massage, cranio-sacral therapy, acupressure, foot joint mobilisation and heated and chilled rock therapy.

In 1996 she developed and began teaching the Positive Birth programme, a birth coaching course working with both the mind and the body to prepare for labour and birth. Since then she has been involved with the making of the Pink Kit and has produced a DVD and booklet resource, called Wahine Marohirohi, for Te Ha Ora, a Tikanga Maori antenatal programme.

Bronwyn Gardner - HB Doulas

Bronwyn is a trained Child Birth Educator through Aoraki Polytechnic in Timaru NZ and completed her Postnatal Doula qualification with CAPPA (Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association) USA. She has been a La Leche League Breastfeeding Peer Counsellor since 2012.

She has been teaching antenatal classes since 2006 and over this time has had the privilege to attend many births in her role as a Birth Doula and to have met hundreds of budding families in antenatal class.

Bronwyn also works as an Educator for Brainwave Trust Aotearoa. Brainwave primary message is promoting the importance of healthy experiences in the life of a child, particularly in the first three years, in order to grow a healthy brain. She is an accredited Early Years, Adolescents and Schools Programme Educator.


She is the mother of two amazing young men. Joshua had a peaceful birth in Ata Rangi Hastings in 2000 with just a midwife and Josh's father present and Alexander was born at home in 2002 with the same birthing team and an extra midwife. There is 21 months between her kids so life, as they have been growing up, has been very busy.  Most days her boys love each other to death!

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Bronwyn Gardner

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Karyn Worthington - Karyn Worthington Photography

Karyn Worthington Photography is a boutique child portraiture business. She specialises in creative and expressive portraits, capturing children’s emotions and imagination.

Photography is about so much more than just capturing a person's likeness. It's about creating memories that capture each child's unique personality. She doesn't do formal poses but rather, fun, relaxed images in a natural environment. Karyn has worked with newborn babies and young children for over 20 years, giving her a strong rapport with them. She takes enormous pride in her work and her aim is to give you classically beautiful, unique artwork that you will truly treasure, and love displaying on your walls.


Karyn is an award winning, NZIPP qualified photographer, with a degree in photography and design.

Karyn Worthington



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Nicki Lampon - Bay Reflexology and Bay HypnoBirthing

Nicki became seriously interested in reflexology while suffering with sinusitis. Antibiotics, surgery, and high levels of painkillers had little effect and, having done a reflexology taster class and been very impressed with the tutor who immediately picked up her 'crunchy' sinuses, she decided to try a proper treatment. It worked! She went on to train as a reflexologist herself with the London School of Reflexology in the UK, and then did further training in Reflexology Lymph Drainage, Hot Stone Reflexology, Maternity and Fertility Reflexology, and Facial Reflexology.


Nicki is also is a qualified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator. She works with anyone looking for better health and well being and aims to reduce stress and anxiety while helping the body rebalance itself.


Nicki has worked in the UK and NZ and is a member of Reflexology New Zealand and the HypnoBirthing Institute.

Hayley Hinchco - Hawkes Bay Placenta Services

After a career in early childhood education, Hayley has been raising her children for the past six years while building what has now become Hawke’s Bay Placenta Services, which has been operating since January 2017.


Maternal health, especially the early postpartum stages has become a focus and passion for Hayley which has unfolded into the opportunity to help mothers through this unique avenue.


Hawke’s Bay Placenta Services offers encapsulation services to all mothers and can provide information and answer any questions on a personal one on one basis.

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Hayley Hinchco

027 372 6852



Olaf Hirczy - Release and Recover

Olaf came to New Zealand in 2003.  He had a change in profession in 2010 and gained his Certificates in Relaxation Massage and in Natural Therapies at the Naturopathic College in New Plymouth. In 2014 he completed his Diploma in Therapeutic Massage at EIT in Napier.


His belief is that one never stops learning and in 2015 he came across Ross Emmett and his muscle release technique. Olaf has now completed module 6 which enables him to treat many problems one might experience.

In 2016, he came across Light Therapy while in Austria and was completely taken aback by its efficiency and success rate. He now offers this technique as another aspect of his treatment.

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Olaf Hirczy

027 669 5525


Bhavna Nagar - Alive! Psychology

Bhavna is of South African of Indian heritage. In 2003 she qualified as a Clinical Psychologist and worked in South Africa at a forensic psychiatric hospital for three years. She moved to New Zealand in January 2008, looking for a change.


Since 2005 Bhavna has been actively practicing mindfulness, which has had a profound impact on her life. She has a Mindfulness Talk on Radio Kidnappers which can be heard on Tuesdays at 1:05pm or podcasts are available on her website.


In 2012 she started her own business, Alive! Psychology, named after Bhavna's passion for life. She believes life needs to be experienced fully. To exist or just get by is not doing life justice. Through therapy and her experiences of mindfulness she has discovered the ability to live life fully with all it has to offer - the good and the bad.

Through her own mindfulness experiences Bhavan has developed the Self-Love Approach and transformed into a therapeutic approach that gives her clients skills that work, are easily integrated into daily life practices and complement other therapeutic approaches.

Bhavna also offer mindfulness retreats, enabling participants to have a deep experience of mindfulness and to facilitate healing.

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Bhavna Nagar

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06 844 1248



Carol Reid - Soulpreneurs

Carol made a conscious decision a number of years ago to explore more of what life had to offer. To go deeper into universal laws, scientific proofs, spiritual principals and ethereal intentions.


She found out more information than she thought possible. And she come to the conclusion that, yes life can be challenging but always people have the power to choose.


She chose how she looked at the outcomes, how she interacted with others and fundamentally how she created her own reality.


It’s Carols sincere wish for everyone to find their deepest foundation in life and she's excited to be part of that journey and would be honored to be your witness.

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Carol Reid

021 744 058


Jayne Craig - Alchemy

MNZAMH, Dip. Natropathy and Herbal Medicine

Though Jayne has long had an interest in natural health and wellness, she started off her career as an Early Childhood Teacher. Jayne enjoyed teaching for 6 years before leaving to start her own family.


Jayne moved to Vanuatu with her family where she subsequently ended up having her four amazing children. Whilst her children were young and Jayne was at home, she studied aromascience (the study of essential oils, how to use essential oils and formulate them in a range of products for clients). As her children grew older and needed to attend schooling they moved back to New Zealand and settled in the beautiful Hawkes Bay.


A conversation with a family member, led Jayne to study Naturopathy and herbal medicine, so that she might start to help not only her own family but the wider community learn to use natural health to live their best life.


Naturopathy and herbal medicine are such a huge passion of Jayne's, she loves meeting clients, hearing their stories and helping them sort out the pieces of their health puzzle. 

Kat Kilgour - Midwife

Kat Kilgour is a midwife based in Hawke’s Bay. She has lived here for the last three+ years after relocating from Auckland with her children.  Kay absolutely loves living in the Bay and have thoroughly enjoyed exploring this beautiful part of NZ that we live in.

Kat has had a passion for midwifery for many years and she feels honoured to be able to be a part of this important life changing journey that her clients embark on.  She sees her role as one of support, guidance and care and looks forward to being able to walk beside her clients and whanau during this time.

Kat is comfortable working across the scope of midwifery, ranging from home birth to complex care and enjoys the challenges and joy this work brings.


In her down time you will find her spending time with her children and their pets, often outdoors or enjoying quiet time with a book.

Kat Kilgour

021 02795659


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Angel Hair - Concordia Health

Angela Hair set up Concordia Health in Hawke’s Bay 15 years ago and is well known for her work as a homeopath and advocate for clean water and healthy, sustainable environments.


Angela is a founding member of the Intentional Grace group using the Kinesthetic Resonance Method.  She highly recommends this method of working with homeopathy which allows the person to direct their own healing, with the support and guidance of the homeopath.


Angela had a sabbatical year in 2018 and has spent much of that year studying alternative treatments for cancer while recovering from brain surgery.  Angela works cooperatively with medical professionals and other complementary practitioners.  She recognises that well trained complementary practitioners have an important part to play in the health care of Hawke’s Bay people.

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Angela Hair

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Neil Foxcroft - True Point Healing

Neil is passionate about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and how it can be used to help people. He has always had an interest in health and ways in which we can optimize our well being. The holistic approach of TCM is a great platform by which to do this.

With a broad range of life experiences, knowledge and skill, Neil provides treatments that are focused on returning his client's bodies to their natural harmonic and functioning state.


He has a particular interest in the hard to treat and obscure, and enjoys the challenge presented by these cases. Neil is also very interested in the area of Traditional Chinese Medicine paediatrics and believes that helping children from the beginning, sets them up for a brighter and healthier future.

His aim is to provide a professional, personal and holistic health service in his clinics for the whole family.

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Neil Foxcroft

027 272 9921