Positive Body Work

Remedial massage of the manipulation of the soft tissue to invigorate and relax the muscles and calm the nervous system.


Sports massage is deep, penetrative massage of soft tissue to accelerate recovery from injury or fatigue, prevent injuries and boost endurance and performance.

Bay Wellness Remedial and Sports Massage is provided by Di Reefman
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Release and Recover

​Olaf offers a variety of therapeutic treatment options in his practice.


REPULS Cold Light Therapy

A cutting-edge therapy recently created in Austria. Using a small hand-held device it is specially designed for work on acute and chronic injuries, and is also suitable for releasing muscle tension, skin conditions, wound healing and bruises.


The Emmett Technique

The Emmett Technique is a unique muscle releasing technique that applies light finger pressure and specifically targets tight areas.

It is non-invasive and gentle, yet very effective and can be performed while lightly clothed.

Therapeutic Massage

The benefits of massage are well known and documented. These benefits include release of muscle tension, stress relief, injury recovery, improved mobility and pain reduction.


Chair Massage

Chair Massage is available on a comfortable specially designed portable chair. It is an ideal introduction to massage to someone who has not had this type of therapy before.

Bay Wellness Remedial and Sports Massage is also provided by Olaf Hirczy
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